Thursday, June 3, 2010


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Bluehost Webhosting

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How to use your freedom for opening orkut and other blocked websites

For the client Your Freedom which I referred in my How to bypass filters in school for acessing blocked websites[clents] some of the users has asked me to tell how to use the your freedom client.Im providing some detailed instructions here on how to configure the client for your browser so that you can access the sites when they are blocked

1. Go to Your freedom website.If you are a first time user,register yourself and download the latest version of your freedom client.If you don't have JRE on your PC,download the version which is of 25mb or more.
2. No install your freedom and a your freedom configuration wizard will popup.
3. Click next and enter your proxy server and port and click next.
4. If its says All fine-->click next and it will start looking for your freedom server.Once the server is found,click save ,It will ask password when you go in the next step and you are done.Don't forget to tick the options of Redirect socks4/5 DNS to freedom server,enable encryption and enable rekeying in the configure window.

If your freedom icon in the system tray still shows the gate as open,Go to messages tab in your freedom main window.In the main window click configure and a new configuration window will popup.Now find the reverse DNS of and enter ip of server where it is written as freedom has 16 servers available here.This thing must work.

How to configure your browser :

The user guide for configuring your browsers is here

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