Saturday, May 8, 2010

Websites that Pay you to Blog

        Review Me is a great website, and can be used for two different purposes. It can be used to make money, and it can be used to help get you more traffic. So no matter who you are, if you have a website, one of the two should be perfect for you. How does Review Me work?

          Let’s start with how to make money using Review Me. Let’s say that you’re a blogger. You have a great website about your favorite topic that you write about a few times a week. You have some ads on your site, but you’re still hoping to make more money on your site.

          Well, if you get a decent amount of traffic on your website, you can use Review Me to review other websites on your site. What happens, is you’ll log onto Review Me, and see what companies want you to review their website/product. You’ll take a look at the website/product, and write a review on your own blog about it. You’ll then get a certain amount of money for the post.

         It’s pretty cool because you’re getting paid to give your opinion about someone else’s website/product. You write your post, and you’ll get paid.

         On the other hand, say you have a site that isn’t getting much traffic. You can use Review Me to get more people to visit your site/product. What you’d do, is go on Review Me, and take a look at the bloggers out there. You’ll find one in your price range, and ask them to do a review of your site/product. You’ll pay them, and they’ll write a review on their website, which is seen by a lot of people. These people will then visit your website when they see the review!

           It’s really a win-win situation. People who have great websites but are looking to make some extra money can use Review Me to review websites/products, and those who are looking for traffic can get their website/product reviewed by a site that has a lot of traffic, so that some of them will visit your site after they find out more about it.


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